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                                              BULLETIN BOARD

This is a community bulletin board where you can post just about anything.

Something for sale a yard sale or maybe a rental.

Send your listing to our contact box on the last page. Or give it to David in the office.

Posts will be removed after 90 days or sooner if contacted by the poster. A post can be re-entered after it has expired. 

       If you have any suggestions or comments we would love to hear from you.

                                                           Thank You the Board



Free firewood


As crews have cleared brush and trees this year, the firewood has piled up.

It's in the lot next to the office. Free firewood for the taking.


To all residents of Chapala Haciendas:

Looking for a great way to see the beautiful countryside and mountains? There is no better way than on a horse. Now offering horse riding adventures from one hour to 4 hours. Horses are located close to Chapala Haciendas 2. Must have some riding experience. If interested, please email to for details.. 



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